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OptiCize™ is an innovative change in cataract surgeries, 
challenging the status quo, improving patient experiences, surgical outcomes, reprocessing processes, and budget control.


Amidia LTD has been manufacturing diamond knives for ophthalmology, microsurgery and plastic 
surgery for 
the last 20 years. Their many years of experience and strict quality controls are your 
assurance of first class 
products. NANO Diamond Scalpels represent a recent development, 

combining diamond quality incisions without the high cost of acquisition.

Diamond Difference

Opticize™ is designed to provide better ophthalmic surgery 
outcomes in acute care facilities with its superior and complete 
diamond scalpel program. 


OptiCize™ has at it’s core, the NANO Diamond Scalpel. OptiCize™ blends the precision of NANO Diamond Scalpels with support in non-surgical areas. 


Tailored to Meet
Your Unique Needs

Teamed for Success

Surgical Team

A highly skilled Ophthalmic surgeon recognizes the benefits of high quality tools. The material of a blade can impact the incision, and potentially the patients recovery and visual outcome. Stainless steel blades may get the job done but not always with the best possible outcome for your patient, you or the hospital. 


OptiCize™ provides custom solutions for your facility, incorporating support for all stakeholders through consultation. Patients, Surgeons, Reprocessing Teams, and Health Authorities will feel
confident in both the 
OptiCize™ experience and results. We support you every step of the way. 

Health Authority

Whether it is the high cost of disposable blades or the uncertainty of repair and replacement of monocrystalline diamonds, finding ways to control or reduce costs and headaches is a priority for management. 

TB Clift

OptiCize™ has been developed by TB Clift in consultation with customers across Canada over a period of 2 years.  


"We have sought the advice of experts in the field of Medical Device Reprocessing to ensure that handling and reprocessing meet Canadian Standards." - Rick Clift



I have been using the blades for several years and remain impressed with their durability and ease of use.  The company, TB Clift, provides great service and is easily accessible.” 

- Dr. Vijay Sharma, MD - 


Once you use a Nano hybrid diamond by Amidia, you realize the great quality of a diamond blade at the most reasonable cost.” 

- Dr. Nir Shoham-Hazon, MD - 

Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior
Segment Surgeon (GAASS)

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