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TB Clift A dedicated group from St. John's Newfoundland, responsible to our clients and willing to mitigate risks for our clients to forge great new partnerships.


A dedicated group, responsible to our clients and willing to mitigate risks for our clients to forge great new partnerships.


The Clift family has a strong heritage in St. John's and around Newfoundland, dating back to the mid-1600s. With such a deep rooted legacy, it is incumbent on the current administration to continue to build on our core beliefs of honesty, reliability, value and persistence. 

We are passionate about challenging the status quo in healthcare, inspiring new innovations, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

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Who We Are

TB Clift Limited is a Medical/Surgical Sales, Marketing and Distribution company. We are presently overseen by the 4th generation of the Clift namesake.

What We Offer

Our core philosophy is to always seek an optimal price/quality relationship with respect to products, provide solutions to today’s health care issues and offer outstanding service. 

Our Location

Based in St. John’s, Newfoundland with offices and warehouses in Atlantic Canada, TB Clift Limited distributes specialty medical/surgical products throughout Canada.


We promise to provide medical and surgical professionals with the highest quality products coupled with outstanding customer service. By doing so, we intend to support our customers mandate to seek better patient outcomes.


OptiCize™ shares the missions and values of TB Clift. Building a trustworthy presence within the healthcare community, our professional staff takes exceptional pride in the service they provide to our clients.


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Rick Clift

Rick Clift is the current proprietor of TB Clift and the 4th in succession since 1896. Rick has enjoyed over 45 years of developing the skills to bring together his passion for helping medical professionals with his expertise in medical technologies innovations and trends. 

If you see him with a golf club, fishing pole or gardening tool in his hand, you will know he is having a good day. 

Kathleen Clift
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Kathleen Clift is an ardent client champion who relishes her role as primary contact and facilitator of all things customer related at TB Clift. Through her 37 year career at TB Clift, Kate has abided the Golden Rule in both her roles as Administrator and Director of Customer Service.


Kate loves to adhere to a high energy exercise regimen and loves travel.  Her ultimate goal is a boot camp at 39,000 feet.

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Jamie Carew

Jamie Carew is the OptiCize™ program Product Manager at TB Clift and has been involved with the project from the beginning.

Jamie has 10 years experience with TB Clift and 20 years in the medical industry and always responds positively to all challenges put his way - always with his best foot forward. 


A multi-sport athlete, Jamie is well known for his athletic talents and as an all sports fan, from playing soccer and hockey, to ready with comments on everything from tic-tac-toe to curling. 

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